At Wideline Windows & Doors, we believe that wood is good! Not only is it a beautifully natural material, but it comes with superior insulating properties and ongoing durability that can make it an attractive investment both financially and aesthetically. 

With sustainability at the forefront of everything we do, we choose suppliers who follow certified sustainability practices so you know your doors are not damaging the environment. When the time comes to replace your front door, timber is the way to go.

To help kickstart your front door facelift, here’s everything you need to know about timber front doors and why they should be your first choice.

Engineered vs. Hardwood Front Doors

When looking at wooden front doors, there are usually two types available; engineered wood and hardwood. In the past, the word ‘engineered’ would likely have put people off, mainly because it was once associated with cheaply made products. Engineered front doors use a process of modifying the cellular structure of softwoods, which results in the appearance of hardwood with solid benefits to the modern home.

In today’s world, engineered products legally need to follow stringent manufacturing guidance and regulations and can combine the best of both worlds. Manufactured to be stronger and sturdier than solid wood doors, they can offer many additional benefits that save both energy and money – but they are not always the right choice for everyone.

Natural solid wood doors such as oak and timber are still the preferred choice for many homeowners, partly due to their durability and partly to the value they can add to a property. Simpler manufacturing processes can also reduce the carbon footprint of a natural timber door, making it a great choice for the eco-friendly homeowner. Either way, both engineered and hardwood front doors offer a variety of benefits for every type of home, be it modern, classic, rural or urban. Ultimately, it all boils down to budget, design flexibility and finish.


Timber Front Doors

There’s no denying that there’s something special about timber front doors. Strong, durable and reflecting the natural world outside the home, timber adds a touch of elegance and style to every home. Unlike plastic and aluminium doors, our timber is 100% natural and sustainable, providing impressive weather resistance, thermal insulation and security wherever they are installed. Finished to a high standard and made to fit your unique needs, timber not only adds value to your property, but also the certain je ne sais quoi that other materials don’t.

Natura Sustainable Timber Doors

With timber sourced from suppliers who follow sustainable forestry practices backed by FSC certification, Natura timber doors offer superior thermal performance when compared to aluminium doors and ooze timeless design aesthetics. Available in a variety of designs and finishes and providing year after year of style, durability and efficiency, pick and choose your colour, glazing and hardware to fit your home.

Custom built entry doors can be designed to fit your home’s blueprint, with rigorous energy efficiency testing performed along the way. Match them to your windows, order custom designs and take advantage of professional installation that ensures you get the most out of them from day one. Need a little bit of inspo? Check out the Natura Entry Door range.  


Benefits of Timber Doors

As we’ve already mentioned, timber front doors come with a whole host of benefits that can boost savings and add value to your property. To help you make a more informed decision when choosing the best doors for your home, here are some of the main benefits to be aware of, with many more to be enjoyed over the years. 

Easy to maintain: One of the main benefits of timber doors is their ease of maintenance. In fact, they are one of the easiest materials to maintain, generally only needing a little bit of TLC every couple of years. Unlike plastic doors, wood doesn’t tend to warp or split due to UV and moisture – especially when properly treated and sealed. Other than the occasional coat of varnish or paint and a general buffing of the hardware, wood tends to be impressively resilient.

Energy efficient: Another big benefit of wood is its natural insulating properties. Thanks to its densely packed fibres and grain, wood is able to repel moisture and UV rays while dispersing heat through its structure. Great for maintaining the internal climate of the property, additional finishes and treatments can boost its energy efficiency even further. 

Durable: At the lower end of the timescale, a timber door will last for around 30 years on average. Of course, a well-maintained timber front door can easily outlive the residents of the property, making it a wise investment in the long term. Basically, the better care you take of your door, the longer you can expect it to last for. Professional maintenance can boost its lifespan even further. 

Eco-friendly: When using sustainably sourced timber, you are ensuring you help protect the environment now and in the future. But besides sustainable harvesting of wood, doors made from natural materials means that when the time comes to change your timber doors, they are easily compostable and biodegradable – meaning you’re not sending damaging waste into landfill sites.


The Only Place to Buy Your Timber Front Door

With a wide range of front doors to choose between, you can rest easy knowing that your Wideline timber front door has been designed and manufactured using only sustainably sourced wood. Discover custom built doors and windows that compliment the beauty of nature while providing a whole host of benefits both inside and outside of the home. Whether you’re looking for something grand that creates a statement or something traditional that blends into your current design, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Wideline Windows & Doors.

With 50-years of producing Australian-made windows and doors, experience the best way to update your home’s style and design. From first contact to installation and beyond, enjoy our renowned levels of service that have made us Australia’s favourite for windows and doors.

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