Wideline Doors

Paragon bi-fold door in Pearl White

Using advanced manufacturing technology and innovative design solutions, Wideline creates modern doors to meet the needs of discerning architects, builders and homeowners.

Whether you’re designing a new build or seeking door replacement while renovating, Wideline doors come in styles to suit your every need. Choose from the following aluminium and timber ranges:


Window Awning
Hinged at the top to provide convenient operation and controlled ventilation, awning windows offer superior energy efficiency
Window Sliding
An absolute classic, the sliding window allows for large horizontal openings, bringing more airflow and light into to your home.
Window Casement
Flexible hinge left or hinge right design options, and a timeless appeal. Casements offer maximum airflow and superior energy efficiency.
Window Double Hung
Bring the cool breezes in from the bottom sash, and allow warmer air to escape through the top sash.
Window Sashless
Horizontal or vertical opening counterbalanced glass panes create a sleek, minimalist look without the bulk of a sash frame.
Window Louvre
Take over with the ultimate safety and climate control. Louvres let you manage ventilation through manual or powered operation.
Window Bi-fold
Highly functional and versatile, bi-folds seamless connect two spaces making them a great choice for a kitchen servery window.
Window Strut
An entertainer’s dream. Gas strut windows blend style with maximum view and access. Ideal as a kitchen servery window.
Window Fixed
Invite an expanse of warm natural light into your home. Picture windows create the perfect frame for your ultimate view.
Door Hinged
Available as single or double opening French door style configurations, great for external back deck doors or internal room dividers.
Door Bi-fold
Stylish, practical and available in various configurations, bi-fold doors are a great solution when seeking free flowing access between areas.
Door Cavity Stacking
Door panels are cleverly concealed into the wall cavity when open, a smart and stylish solution to maximising space.
Door Front Entry
Choose from a range of designs and customisation options to create the perfect first impression for your home or commercial space.
Door Sliding
Easy to maintain and quiet to operate, their design and solid security features offer both comfort and safety for exterior doors.
Door Stacking
Achieve wide entrance ways and panoramic views. Stacking doors provide up to 11m of seamless transition from outside to in.
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